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The CS – 18 is a 19.6 gauge 7 strand cable designed for internal low current wiring in pre and power amplifiers, loudspeaker cabinet internal tweeter connections and other applications requiring a high quality flexible low current audio wire.

  • The insulation consists of our very flexible HULLIFLEX ®.
  • The CS – 18 is constructed of 7 high-grade Matched Crystal (MC) OFC strands with a dense and very pure silver coating.
  • The CS – 18 is available on 500 meter reels in the colors: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, grey and white.
  • The resistance of 100 meter is: 3.06 Ohm.
  • The total conductor cross-section area is: 0.56 mm².
  • The external diameter is: 2.10 mm.

1 x 500 meter reel in a 275 x 275 x 220 mm. box with a total weight of 5.90 kg. 

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