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Supra SW-US - Male Mains Plug

Hospital and Audio Grade male mains plug for high-end mains power cables such as Supra LoRad. Conforms to Nema 15 American as well as Canadian standard. The plug provides 24K gold plated pins and cabel screw clamps for solid joints with minimal contact degradation. The mains plug accepts cable diameters up to 11 mm and cable lead area up to 2.5 mm2.

Bulk pack of 50 pieces per package.

Supra Mains Connectors offer a flexible, sturdy and durable connection between the mains power and devices. There is not one piece over-engineered, the conductors provides for long service life and stable connection as well as patented housing that do not require pre-mounting on the cable and integrates the housing assembly with the cable strain relief. Off course the conductors are plated with a good layer of 24K gold that will endure also frequent re-connections. The perfect match to our mains flex cables, that allow customers with duly knowledge (N.B. check the local law and regulation what level of do-it-yourself work that is approved) to build their own custom mains flex cord sets. Finally they are of approved hospital-, audio grade design and approved for use in airport control towers where an interference jammed e.g. aeroplane radar would be disastrous.

Patent holder: Tommy Jenving, founder of Supra Cables and Jenving Technology, Sweden


Technical data

Standard Nema 15; American and Canadian standard  
Maximal current 15 Ampere
Nominal (maximal) voltage 110 (250) Volt
Mains frequency 60 Hz
Maximal cable size Ø 11 mm
Maximal cable area 2.5 mm2
Pins and cable clamp 24K gold plated pins and screw clamps  
Cable strain relief Integrated in housing assembly  

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