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Supra Flat 1.6 mm- Super Flat White Speaker Cable

A super-thin cable, just 1.95 mm thickness, with tin plated and mangled 5N copper braid, which allows for virtually invisible wiring. The cable attaches to most surfaces by using Supra double sided self adhesive tape. The big advantage is in practice almost invisible installation, making e.g. rear speakers cables disappear in a lavish living room. It is possible to paint and to wall paper this cable.The sound will likely to be perceived close to Supra Classic, a warmer sound due to slightly elevated inductans compared to our pure Hifi cables. Thanks to its tin plating, skin-effekt is well controlled and inductans not overly evident.

Features and customer benefits

  • Super thin - Discreet cable location on-wall and e.g. under carpets.
  • Insulation - Easy to strip, paintable and possible to wall paper. Attaches to double sided adhesive tape.
  • Flexible - Easy to install
  • Terminals - Do not require terminals other than for convenience.
  • Tin plated - Anti-corrosive and prevents skin-effect and phase alternating diode effects.
  • Manufactured in Sweden


Crossection area 1.6 / 15 mm2 / AWG)
Numer of conductors 2 pcs
Number of strands per conductor 96 pcs
Strand diameter 0.15 mm
Conductor material Tin plated oxygen free 5N Copper  
Jacket Heat & age resistant PVC  
External size 1.95 x 11.7 mm
Vikt 5.4 g/m
Tape included    
Flat 2 x 1.6 white, 10 meter pack 10 meter of tape  
Flat 2 x 1.6 white, 20 meter pack 20 meter of tape  
Flat 2 x 1.6 white, 100 meter on bobbin Sample, 10 meter of tape / bobbin  

Electrical performance

Resistance 10.8 Ohm / km
Inductance 0.36 µH / m

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